How Induction Lamp works?

The high frequency electrode-less discharge lamp uses the principle of electromagnetism and is made up of 3 parts:

  • the globe
  • the coupler
  • the high frequency power supply generator

The HF power supply generator creates a 2.65MHz high frequency positive power which is introduced to the globe via the coupler. Plasma forms within the globe and radiates at a wavelength of 254nm, simultaneously emission of UV light excites the phosphors within the globe causing almost instantaneous light.

Induction lighting Features:

  • Long life and low degradation
    • Up to 100,000 hrs lifespan
    • 70% of original light output at 60,000 hrs
  • High efficiency and energy saving
    • Lumen efficacy≧70 Lm/w; power factor≧0.98
    • 200W induction lamp≈400W metal halide
  • High color rendering
    • CRI: ≧80, assists in preservation of original colors
  • Non- flicker, low glare
    • Less eye strain & fatigue
  • Instant start, no warm up require
    • Re-strike time≦0.5s
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Great reduction of carbon emission
    • Only 3mg of solid mercury used and safely isolated in a capsule
    • The lamp is 100% recyclable

Color Rendering: Induction Lamp VS HPS